Tango Me Red is an Argentine tango organization, committed to bringing quality classes, performances, and special events to the community.  We hope to expose as many people as possible to the art and pleasure of this exotic and addictive dance form.

Gokhan Baltaoglu

Gokhan graduated with a bachelor degree in Graphic design from Yeditepe university. In 2004 he got an order for a poster from the dance community, and was introduced to tango. He found himself hypnotized by the magic of tango and looked for dance schools while in the design process. With a little bit of research and luck, he started to take his first tango steps under Tanju Yildirim, a famous Tango artist in Turkey. He began to learn as a hobby, but soon started to assist in Tanju’s studio, Dansartistic. Then he became an instructor for the studio where he first started to dance. Although he was teaching, he continued learning and improving. He took workshops from world famous Argentinian Dancers.

Gokhan also focused on the show aspect of tango, and danced with Tangorama Orquesta on various Tv programs, as well as local stage shows. In 2011 he met Aydin Kocamusaoglu, another famous dancer in Turkey, and took classes at his studio, Tangoist in 2011. Gokhan eventually had the honor of teaching at the prestigious Tan Sagturk Dance Academy for the 2013-14 season.

In 2015 Gokhan moved to the USA, and is now teaching with the Pittsburgh Tangueros.
Some of the famous Argentinian dancers he worked with are:  Sebastian Achaval-Roxana Suarez, Sebastian Arce – Mariana Montes, Sebastian Jimenes- Maria Ines Bogado, Gabriela Elias, Eduardo Capussi – Mariana Flores, Fernando Gracia-Sol Cerquides, Diego “El Pajaro” Riemer – Maria Belen Giachello, Fabian Peralta- Lorena Ermocida, Max Van De Voorde- Solange Acosta

Nehir Eish-Baltaoglu

As far back as her memory goes, Nehir wanted to be a dancer.  She grew up on a small family run dairy farm in Ohio, but her grandparents finally gave in and enrolled her in a weekly jazz class at age 7.  By 16 she was certified by Dance Masters of America to teach tap, jazz and ballet, and had competed at many dance competitions.  In college she majored in dance as well as pre-med biology and psychology.  She took a break from college to perform with Tokyo Disneyland in Japan for a year.  Upon her return, she moved to NYC where she first saw Argentine tango at a house party in the village.   She instantly became intrigued by it and went to her first milonga later that same night.  Soon she became an assistant instructor.
After 3 years in NYC, her curious spirit took her to Los Angeles to explore her modeling and acting career.  Tango remained an enjoyable hobby, but nothing more at the time.  She slowly became more involved in belly dance, something she had seen just before leaving NYC.  Sick of the LA traffic she moved to Seattle and focused on her belly dance career for the next 2 years.  Following a pull at her heart, she booked a flight to a belly dance festival in Istanbul Turkey, and her two week trip turned into a 4 year portion of her life.

With her belly dance career under way she began to miss those long nights of tango.  One evening she heard tango music in her neighborhood and was excited to see people dancing at a small street festival.  She quickly asked for a dance, dismissing the disapproving looks at her flip flops.  Later that week she was invited to a milonga – the first she had been to in 3 years.  This is where she met Gokhan, who would become her tango partner and husband.  With a diverse background in dance, Nehir has a rich perspective on social dances.  The at times intense connection between not only the two dancers, but also the music will forever keep her captivated, and excited to share the art form of Argentine tango through teaching and performing.